Punjab Decides To Give Discount On Sugar at Utility Stores Under Ehsaas Program

Cheap Sugar

Punjab Decides to Provide Cheap Sugar at Utility Stores If you are also suffering from the sugar crisis, as you all know the situation in Pakistan has become very critical After the coronavirus, the situation is not the same as before, due to which the government has started imposing taxes on everything, due to which the people are very worried and stuck in the mire of inflation.

For this reason, the government has announced that it has started providing services to those who have low incomes. Now sugar will be given to you at cheap prices, usually, the price of sugar in cities is 180 rupees, but you will be given 140 rupees per kg of sugar by the Punjab government at utility stores.

Utility Stores To Offer Low-cost Sugar

The Punjab government has solved the problem of those people who were very worried about sugar, now sugar has been made cheaper for them and now they are being given sugar at cheaper prices. An important step has been taken for public access. According to Ary News,

the government has started providing discounted sugar through utility stores across the province. The new price of sugar is Rs 140 at 2100 utility stores and 750 franchise stores, from where you can buy sugar at Rs 140 per kg. To ensure transparency in the process, you must present your computerized ID card while purchasing sugar from the Readily store.

Punjab Decides To Give Discount On Sugar at Utility Stores Under Ehsaas Program

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Cheap Sugar at Utility Stores

The government of Punjab has decided to give sugar at cheap prices. In this regard, the government of Punjab has reduced the price of sugar at 2100 utility stores and 750 franchised stores. The new price of sugar will be provided at utility stores and franchised stores at Rs 140 per kg. While buying sugar, you have to carry your National Identity Card with you. You can get sugar only by showing it.

Remember that you can buy a maximum of 5 kg of sugar per family for a month and you will not be given more than that. Only five kg of sugar can be bought for up to Rs 140 so go to the utility stores soon and get cheap sugar which has been launched by the Punjab government to help the people.

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Utility Stores Subsidy Package Cheap Sugar 

According to the economics decision, the prices and subsidies will remain the same for 400000 consumers, but if you want to buy things at cheaper prices, you can go to government stores i.e. utility stores, and show your ID card to buy things at cheaper prices. Whereas the prices have been reduced by 63% for the rest of the customers buying wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice, and pulses.

You can buy sugar at 140 rupees, which you can buy up to five kilograms in a month, in addition, ghee will be given at 380 rupees and wheat flour at 70 rupees per kg if you also want to reduce your subsidy. and want to buy things at cheap prices, utility stores have been set up where you can buy things at cheap prices.

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