Check Your BISP 9000 New Payment Through BISP Online Tracking

BISP Online Tracking

BISP Online Tracking has been released through which you can check your eligibility by doing your BISP online tracking. You can check your eligibility by tracking your registration through BISP online tracking. If you don’t know the procedure, you can visit the website of Govt.

And enter the CNIC number of your 13 Digits in the portal. As soon as you enter your CNIC, you will see your eligibility on your screen. You also have to enter a code: You will see this code in the form of a picture, you must enter this code only then your eligibility will be checked.

Check BISP Score Card Online Tracking

You can check your eligibility scorecard through BISP online tracking and you can check your eligibility by browsing this method if you want to check through SMS Within 81 told total up you supercharge your CNIC in this portal

and send 8171 your eligibility will be informed within 24 hours if you can do it online also go to the up portal and enter CNIC. You should get your CNIC registered with NADRA and also take a register check on it. If you do not check your eligibility in this way, 

If you were eligible in the Benazir program earlier but now you are not able to check your eligibility in it, then you can run the program yourself and go to me and describe your problems there, they will give you full support.

Check Your BISP 9000 New Payment Through BISP Online Tracking

How To Check BISP Money Through BISP Online Tracking?

The government has started BISP online tracking to check the new amount. The process by which you can check your money has been made very simple. You will check your amount by following the steps below.


  • Here you are given a tracking tool
  • Enter your National Identity Card number in it
  • After that, you will see confirmation enter it in the given field
  • After that press the Know button
  • You will be informed about your amount immediately

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BISP New Payment 9000 Will Be Released 28 September 2023

Good News: Quarterly installment of BISP program has started. Chairperson BISP Shazia Murree has decided that families who are enrolled in the BISP program can check their money at home.. You must have a National Identity Card to check the amount. You can check your balance through BISP online tracking. Before getting BISP amount Rs 9000 check your eligibility first. If you are not eligible then you should go to BISP office immediately. And get your qualification done so you can get the money.

Benazir Income Support Programme BISP Online Tracking System

Benazir Income Support Program In BISP  has released an online tracking system Benazir Income support program is also released. The tracking system is aimed to make it easier for people. The government has made it easy for them so you won’t have any problem check if it’s very easy if you want to check your eligibility by tracking

So you register your CNIC number and write your registration request form in your tracking system and visit the official website of the government and there you have to fill in some information. After that, it will be communicated to you after entering your CNIC.

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Required Document for BISP Program Registration

At the time of registration, you will need some documents which you must carry with you as you will not be accepted into the program. That information is listed below

  • You have to carry CNIC with you
  • Carry your house bills and electricity bills too
  • NSER survey has to be completed
  • How much to carry an FRC form from NADRA?
  • One woman in your family should make an ID card
  • List of your monthly income certificate
  • List your household utility bills.
Check Your BISP 9000 New Payment Through BISP Online Tracking

How To Registered In BISP Program?

If you have not done your registration in BISP yet then don’t waste your time. Get your registration in BISB soon and take advantage of BISP. We have brought you an easy way through which you can get your registration done easily. It is mandatory to follow the method by which you can get your registration as listed below.

  • You have to visit the Benazir Income Support Program office to register
  • There will be a representative sitting there to whom you will go and ask about your registration
  • Apse Chand Hai information will be provided at the time of registration
  • In which you will be asked what you do and how many family members you have
  • And it will also be asked how much is your monthly income and what you do
  • A full dynamic survey will be done on you
  • Keeping these in mind you are qualified or disqualified

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Eligibility Criteria for BISP Program

  • To be eligible, you must have a woman in your family
  • Its CNIC should be created
  • A female member of your family must have applied to BISP
  • You have disabled and low-income family members

Ineligible people  

  • People whose monthly income is more than 30 thousand are not eligible
  • Families in which a person has a government job
  • Families with less than six members in the household
  • Families in which a person works abroad
  • whose land area is more than two acres
  • Those who run their own business are also not eligible
  • whose poverty score is not less than 40 percent
  • Those whose passports are made are also not eligible for it

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